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My name is Roland and I am currently in the process of starting a consulting business with the vision of creating inspiring work environments. I was inspired to do so largely by the frustration I and many of my colleagues felt while working at both large and small companies in Europe and North America. Currently the number of engaged employees is less than 15% worldwide – and yet nobody seems to be overly concerned. What the heck is going on?

Based on my experience, reading many blogs and books, and simply discussing these issues with likeminded people, I came to the realization that the main problem can be summed up simply: current organizations are focusing on the wrong things. For example, in my previous job I liked the company, the people and the majority of the work I was doing, and yet I had the feeling that something was not quite right. Although my team and I had a lot of autonomy in the decision making process, the company’s overall focus was less on its employees and more on targets and numbers, head counts and costs, market share and EBIT. While measuring performance is important and necessary, I believe that these ratings will eventually suffer when  the importance of people and their interactions is overlooked.


Seeing this dire need for a more people-focused approach, I decided to follow my passion and share my experience in the hopes of making work more enjoyable while at the same time improving effectiveness, quality, customer collaboration and eventually profits. If people enjoy what they are doing and share their organization’s larger vision and purpose, they will be more highly engaged, more creative, and will be more willing to not only feel compelled to succeed personally, but to ensure that their company does so as well. In addition, I am convinced that having as many happy, motivated and self-actualized people as possible around will not only transform the way we do business but our society as a whole.

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