A recent study regarding “Employee Engagement” (Gallup – State of the global Workplace) shows that more than 85% of employees worldwide are currently not fully engaged at work. Even worse is the fact that almost a quarter of the people are actively disengaged which means that they are less productive or even undermine the work of their engaged colleagues.

When looking at the numbers from Western Europe, it becomes clear that this is not only an issue for lesser developed countries in the world but that it is a global topic.

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Although these numbers alone are quite concerning, let’s put it into perspective. If we have a football team with eleven players on the pitch and the same statistics mentioned above apply to it, there would be less than 2 players who really want to score a goal and help their team to win. Seven players would, more or less, want to support the team but do not know how and maybe even don’t know which goal they are playing towards to. Another two would either just stay around doing nothing or in the worst case try to undermine the efforts of the few players actually trying to win. So what do you think how many games would such a team win?

Another aspect is the question of personal fulfillment at work. It is good if you get up every day and enjoy going to work but are you able to reach your full potential while being there? Are your tasks aligned with the overall goals of the organization? Are you able to try new things and are you allowed to fail? Are you learning new things every day, every week or at least every month? If you can answer all these questions with yes, you are very lucky because most of the people do not work in such an environment – if your answer is no to one or more of these questions .. well .. let’s get in touch.